There is sorrow everywhere,
Behind every smile
A story they try to forget,
Or remember all the while
Some manage to set it down
Some carry it with pride
Some need help in letting go
Some can’t get past denial
If you’re still treading in the deep
Listen to these words
What happened is done and gone
There’s no going back
Why do you drown every day
Reliving when you felt worst
Let go of those memories
Let go of your despair
Don’t dwell on the why of it
Life never promised to be fair

– Raziel ©2021


How do you compartmentalize,
when every compartment has anger?
When every aspect’s lacking,
how do you stop the languor?

Where does one bury the rage,
at what door is it left?
Who’s responsible for the words,
that shouldn’t’ve your lips left?

How does a mind of the past,
find peace in the present?
When you can’t outrun the memories,
at which door is refuge lent?

– Raziel ©’21

In my corner

I wish I could scream
But someone might hear
And wish to know why
And try to peer

They will try to help
In their own way
By taking me apart
So my faults they can slay

And this is true
This is lore
I know this for a fact
It’s happened before

I’m forever a mess
A sum of choices questionable
In their eyes they see
That I’m not ever able

Whatever the fix
Whatever the trouble
I’ll always be to blame
Held against a shining parable

So when I’m in a fix
Or driven into a corner
I find solace in the thought
That I’m still in my corner

– Raziel ©2021


Sacrifice who you are
Ne’er to let their dreams scar
Your own may die or wither away
Never to see light of day

Their moods and wants and wishes fly
Yours will only ever dry
Ne’er to feel a drop of rain
Sacrifice cause life is pain

You can’t suppose to be understood
Can’t want nor wish nor hope you could
Either cut it all away
Or things will as they are, stay

Steel your mind and show your heart
And be prepared to be rend apart
Cause they will cry and yell and pout
Weather it all if you want out

But if you can’t or won’t rock the boat
On your hopes, none else will dote
Then accept the way things are
Sacrifice and hide the scar

– Raziel ©2021

My dear friend…

My dear friend sorrow
It’s good to see you again
This feeling is so familiar
The despair, misery, and pain

For a while we’d parted
A while I spent with peace
Some days with joy I spent
And thorougly lost my way back

Then one day I met memory
Who helped me find these old streets
And it all came flooding back
This corner at which we’d meet

– Raziel ©2021


Lend me a hand, I’m lost
Pull me out of this hole

Show me how to save myself
The past has taken its toll

All I see are fences
Built to keep me out

Or maybe it’s a cage
Protecting those without

How did I end up here?
How many mistakes have I made?

How many missteps led here?
This isn’t how the plans should’ve laid….

– Raziel ©2021

Waiting for the beginning…

It’s time,
End this fascination with free will

Do as you are told,
Never again to be bold
Listen and obey
So that joy can be made
For others…

You see the birds fly
Wake up, realise you are not one
Your wings weren’t clipped
You never even had them

Don’t hang on to delusions
Somethings have no reason
Not ones you understand
Questioning them is treason

Your breath is borrowed
Your dreams are tomorrowed
Cast them on the next generation
Vicarious celebration
Hope’s final precipitation

So hold your tongue
Lower your voice
You can’t take it on
You cannot win this fight
Give up, give in,
If you can’t take the tears,
If you can’t take the fears,
You can’t take what comes with the choices that you make

Submit, surrender,
I’ve heard good things comes to those who wait
So wait, for the end
Perhaps life doesn’t end,
Maybe that’s where it begins

– Raziel ©’20

Who knows…?

All you see is this anger
But you don’t know

All you see is irritation
But you don’t know

The words that were born dead
The times darkness bore witness
To words unsaid
You like to guess
What I’m going through
You try to make it better
You’re not going to

What I need
You don’t know

The cure for my moods
You don’t know

The small little lies
That were daggers to me
The silly tantrums and quarrels
That were ugly to see
Hurts that run deeper than I like to show
Bleeding silently like melting snow

You see me smile
But you don’t know

I’m tasting bile
But you don’t know

I try to find solace in loneliness
But even that’s to be cured
Cause I’m a mess

You could be proud
I’ve made it this far
I’ve lost most of myself
For the course, that’s par

I’ve tried to be better
You know I’ve tried
In the lonely little moments
Broken down and cried
Held lonely wakes at the window
For all the dreams that died
Looking out to the stars
Screaming whys inside

Not one dream, I could sell
They were overpriced little pieces
Of my soul’s best side
But I smiled and I laughed
So you won’t know
At least, not more than my pride

It could have been different
You don’t know
Maybe, I could have been happy
I don’t know…

– Raziel ©2020

Hold it together…

Hold it together,
   a few more years
You owe the reaper,
   a few more tears

Hold it together,
   just a little bit more
Some lies dont wither
   just turn into lore

Hold it together,
   the tide will turn
Some tides pull you under,
   you’ll soon learn

Hold it together,
   NO! Let it all go
There’s no time to dither,
   Let yourself grow

 – Raziel ©’20


Resigned to fate,
Whatever will be, will be
Resigned to hate,
The powerlessness in me

Struggle all I may,
Some words, I cannot say
Some forks I chose
Are now and forever my way

I cannot shake,
This malaise growing within
As the shadows lengthen,
Calm’s veneer grows thin

At the end of the day,
The questions come calling
Some for my actions,
Others for my failings

And I,…

Resign to fate,
Whatever will be, will be
Resign to hate,
The powerlessness in me

– Raziel ©’20