Long Lost Friend

pretty obvious title isnt it… meeting a old friend

Long Lost Friend

“Its been so long”, I professed,
Her smile agreed, I could see.

I asked her then how she’s been,
Her smile said Fine, I could see.

“You look good”, I said,
“So do you”, her smile said.

“I’m so happy!” I confessed,
“So am I”, Her smile said.

“Theres something i need to say”, my eyes said
“Hush… I know”, is all she said..



A Morning Lecture

This poem was written during a sleepy morning lecture where everything seemed to go wrong.. The ma’am was shaking all concepts i had… and i put pen to paper….

A Morning Lecture

The pain of torture do give me,
For this exceeds any I may feel.

The butchery of my brain you see,
More violent than torture’s cruelty.

“Why me?” I asked myself,
“Patience my child”, said the voice in me.

(1985 – not yet)