I had actually deleted this one, a friend liked it though, so I guess you can say it’s back online by popular demand. (original post date is in July 2007)

I think it needs some explanation. Well, its about some dysfunctional relationships (friendship, love) in which one person is in a self destructive spiral an and the other can’t help it nor stand it. And the only way out is to say goodbye (satanic verse) to reach the one calling from outside the gates (freedom)


It’s hard, that’s all I know
To say what I never learnt
Sweet ignorance, I seek
Too late now, so I speak
Finally the time comes
When I bid adieu

Never knew this pain
Never, never I knew

Trying to be numb
As I commit this sin
But I know inside
There is no escape
I ran, thus far,
Distance I feigned
In circles I know not
What I gained

Never knew this pain
Never, never I knew

Not today please, I beg but
There awaits someone
Through the gates, she peers
And, asks the gatekeeper
For that satanic verse
A pass, he says to freedom

Never knew this pain
But know now, I have to
But, I promise to me
Never again, never never again



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