Wake up,
Hey ding-a-ling
Rise up,
If you wanna win
Chase a,
Pretty young thing
Wind up,
Slipping in a rink
Stand up,
Stand up to a fink
Stare down,
An empty bottle ‘O gin
Pick up
Supper in a tin
Call up,
Someone you call kin
Be heard
So make a din
– Raziel ©2012

A Name

The skies turn a darker grey
Beckon me back into the fray
Thought I’d lost this side of me
Locked and buried, down deep
But once more this stupid beat
Plays in rhythm to cupid’s feet
The pain and joy, still the same
The mind still wanders by a name
– Raziel ©2012


Inspired by –

Dashing through the snow
In a one-horse open sleigh
O’er the fields we go
Laughing all the way
Bells on bobtail ring
Making spirits bright
What fun it is to laugh and sing
A sleighing song tonight!

Jingle bells, jingle bells,
Jingle all the way.
Oh! what fun it is to ride
In a one-horse open sleigh.
Jingle bells, jingle bells,
Jingle all the way;
Oh! what fun it is to ride
In a one-horse open sleigh.

An office carol, dedicated to irritating managers/ bosses

Sitting on a chair,
Barking out refuse,
They makes us pull our hair
Chuffing us as they choose
we’d love to put our boot,
Where the sun don’t shine,
Hear them scream and hoot,
As we grind their jewels all fine

Kill them all, kill them all,
Kill them all today,
Oh how we wish to put hot coals
Down their throats some day
Kill them all, kill them all,
Kill them all today,
Oh what fun we could have
Branding rumps away.

If they should see us free,
It itches them so bad,
They have to spoil our glee
By ensuring we get sad,
They give us stupid tasks
And impossible deadlines,
Cos joy is too much to ask
They won’t even let us dine

Kill them all, kill them all,
Kill them all today,
We’d love to tie them up above
A pit of rabid, hungry dogs
Kill them all, kill them all,
Kill them all today,
If only they still built guillotines
We’d have a field day

– Raziel ©2012

Glass doors

The glass door has broken,
Now the shower is open,

Anyone can walk in
Be it stranger or kin

The steam cannot hide
Cos of the opening wide

It’s best to not shower
Without any cover

Especially when the gardener creep
Is lurking around hoping for a peep

So postpone your bath
Stinky hair stuffed in a hat

And you can spray the air
With Eau de Lavender

So that no one feels faint
By your odours de quaint

– Raziel ©2012

The knell sounds

I hurt her, now she hurt me
The final knell’s now sound
As we walked, over broken glass
We laid scarlet the ground

When one fell, the other held on
Until the both went down
And each time we picked ourselves
A piece of us wasn’t found

Time came back with memories sound
To fuel each little fire,
A sea of words wouldn’t put it out
And it charred each desire

A few blooms we had plucked
And held them close to heart
But one by one, they’ve withered away
In the summer’s heat they’ve rot

With every word that I’ve said,
I’ve killed a part of her
And when she’s read, beyond my words
A part of me by her

A silence grave, has now spread
The battle has turned cold
With fresh scars we part once more
To our broken selves remould

– Raziel ©2012

Two sides of a window

Out the windshield stretches
A world of light and noise
Cocooned inside yet bare
I sit lonely in a crowd

Familiar faces, unfamiliar names
Together for but minutes a day
Eyes meet but for a moment
And hasten to look away

Some eyes I wish to see
And some to be seen by
A smile crosses my mind
But the lips don’t oblige

So I walk on by, sit and wait
For tomorrow once more
I shall have these moments
And perhaps a smile to give away

A world honks past at speed
Places they need to be
But I’m in a bus waiting
For wherever it takes me.

I long for the purpose
I see within their speed
I long to know myself
And where I need to be

– Raziel ©2012

Ready… Steady… Mate!

I went to the gym and hurt my buns,
And going by the pain will never have sons,
They made me lift heavy little things
Made me pull bars, said it’d give me wings
Ogres in shirts two sizes too small
Grunt ‘n scream to turn into a He-Man doll
While others with more feminine charm
Intend to mirror a barbie farm
If we were meant to look that way
Evolution would go the Arnie way
This must be akin to a mating dance
Six-packs and cuts bolster your chance
But what are guns n’ bullets for anyway,
If you like someone blow the others away
Snuff out this need to be muscle bound
Just pick a gun that makes the most sound

– Raziel ©2012

A Class Act

Some blues on the speakers
A glass of malt in hand
And let time take it’s time
Let it fall like sand
Sit in the dark
Aglow beside a fire
Sip each memory slowly
Cherish each desire
Let the walls peel in agony
Smell the burning paint
Your violin burns in the corner
While you smile like a saint
Leave these baubles be
Dead weight you don’t need
Sip the last of your gold
As the fire licks your feet
Clutch your pistol close
And refill your glass
Know that even as you go
You still have class
You’ve lost things of heart
And some of cash
Know that now these are trifle
For tomorrow you’ll be ash

– Raziel ©2012


She, Is strong beyond her means,
Yet, is as weak as any you’ve seen,

She, hides everything from the world,
But, a few are still privy to hers,

She, laughs as would make a lady blush,
Yet, smiles like a lady can only wish,

She, brings a smile to every face,
Yet, hers is true for but a few eyes.

She, is deft at switching roles,
Is a teacher, a mother, a friend, a lover,

She, brightens my day with a Hi!,
The highlight of my day, my friend is She.

– Raziel ©2012


Looks like rain, I said
Ya looks like, she said
We should hide, I said
Yes we should, she said
Don’t want to get wet, I said
Me neither, she said
We should hurry, I said
Yes we should, she said

Then came the rain, pouring down
I turned to see her outstretched arms
I stood and watched her embrace
The soothing rain, every drop
Then she turned and smiled at me
I just stood there smiling back

– Raziel ©2012