Life has come full circle,
As I pen my last one,
It started in the name of love,
And shall soon end for one.

Words no more in abundance,
Somewhere I left them by,
Forgiveness I seek eternal,
As I walk down the road to perdition.

Old prayers I revive,
I ask Him that there be no other,
There’s only you like you,
I don’t want some other.

He didn’t listen last time,
I don’t think he will now,
But if I could turn back time,
Know that you’d be first in line.

Didn’t know I hadn’t learnt,
Love can be pain and anguish,
That’s not the love I wished to share,
But happiness nary a wish.

I’d wait another ten for you,
All ten with a huge smile,
But I guess I should let go,
I know you’d hurt if I didn’t.

You are why I brought back me,
All laughter and smiles galore,
I know you love what I was before,
Though now he’s lost his charm for me.

Don’t worry that I’ll change again,
For you I’ll be me of old,
As far as others go,
I’m sure they’ll call me Phoenix…

– Raziel ©2012

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