The knell sounds

I hurt her, now she hurt me
The final knell’s now sound
As we walked, over broken glass
We laid scarlet the ground

When one fell, the other held on
Until the both went down
And each time we picked ourselves
A piece of us wasn’t found

Time came back with memories sound
To fuel each little fire,
A sea of words wouldn’t put it out
And it charred each desire

A few blooms we had plucked
And held them close to heart
But one by one, they’ve withered away
In the summer’s heat they’ve rot

With every word that I’ve said,
I’ve killed a part of her
And when she’s read, beyond my words
A part of me by her

A silence grave, has now spread
The battle has turned cold
With fresh scars we part once more
To our broken selves remould

– Raziel ©2012

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