Le Beer Song

If you touch my glass beware
Of the hurt I’ll bring to you be aware
What is mine is mine, and mine alone
Unless it’s Fosters or Bullet or Palone
I love my Guinness, Heineken and Bud,
You so much as look ‘n there’ll be blood
Then come Carlsberg, Tuborg ‘n Corona
For that, you’re my bitch, I’ll call u Mona
Heed this, I love my fizzy golden glass
So save it, your drunken stupid sass
Just remember these words and live
Or your ashes shall pass through a sieve

– Raziel ©2012

Another day

Another day has gone by
A little closer to the end I’ve got
And, a lot farther from the start

Another day has gone by
Few new things I’ve learnt today
And, forgotten so many of the past

Another day has gone by
A couple new friends I’ve made for life
And, lost so many from yesterday

Another day has gone by
And, another is about to start

– Raziel ©2012