Finally free

I walk these roads alone
But none of them I own
I keep trying to find
A place to rest my mind

But I can’t seem to find
A heart that’s so kind
As to let me rest a while
Without malice or guile

I just want to remember
My life last December
When I had a simple life
No struggle, no strife

Yet here I am now
Here I am wondering how
I’ll go on this way
In my life I have no say

For whom do I so toil
So far from my own soil
Tell me why oh, tell me why
Did I ever reach for the sky

So reach out and hold
My hand for I am cold
From this winter of despair
Free me from this evil’s lair

Guide me out into the sun
Let me bask and have some fun
The time to repent is gone
The free bird’s song has won

No more whispers no more fears
Don’t have need for my tears
I’m out now, I am free
I’m finally me

 – Raziel ©2012


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