The wind will blow even if I cry,
The vase will crash even if I try,

I wish for once time stood still,
But the wheels drone on in its mill,

With every beat of its marching band,
Another day’s losses I write in sand,

I wish I had time to stop and stare,
To stand in place, to listen and care,

Far in the distance an oasis lies,
With dreamy trees, under blue skies,

In search of this heaven I trudge on,
For as long as my breath can sing along

Then one day I will find my bed,
People will gather, but nothing will be said,

For I’d have spent my waking years,
In search of a mirage, living with fears,

And have earned nothing to show,
Only amassed baubles, I’d have to forgo

– Raziel ©2013


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