Will You

Will you let me run, will you let me hide,
Will you help me let go of all that’s inside

Will you stand by me, will you help me please,
Will you push me off the edge when need be

Will you match my step, will you walk with me,
Will you be my shoulder when I’m not at ease

Will you be my savior, will you be my knight,
Will you save me from myself whether day or night

Will you let me cry, will you let me scream,
Will you hurt me again when I start to ease

Will you be my reaper, will you be the blade,
Will you cut me and leave me to let me bleed

Will you watch me sleep, will you hold my head,
Will you smile down at me as I start to fade

Will you be whoever when I need you to be,
Will you be the friend that I need

– ©2013 Raziel


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