Alone is a wonderful world
Far from life’s hustle
There’s time to think and hear
Your myriad thoughts’ tussle

There is time to breathe
And even time to smell
The roses in their posies
In misstep with life’s march

There are colours to behold
And sights of wonder
There’s time to rest the eyes
On mental splendours from another

Time enough to step in rhythm
To music that soothes
To find your own composition
Deep within your soul

Time even to ponder
How lonely your heart
And how far you’ve now wandered
How far behind the start




For a place where I belong
For a place I’m needed
For a place where I’m loved
For a place I love
For a trickle of joy
For a reason to smile
For a time without fear
For a memory untainted by loss
For a simpler time
For a lost touch
For a forgotten sound
For a forgotten voice
For a chance to redo
For a chance to relive
For a chance to speak
For a chance to be silent
For a life worth living
For a life worth saving
My kingdom, my soul, my all

– Raziel


I carefully dress my dreams
In the finest wooden overcoat
Life comes apart at the seams
As I sink with my little boat
I’ve tried to forget and let go
As I’ve been oft told
Tried to drift them in time’s flow
Sink them to the depths cold
But they’re my dearest and fondest
I can’t, I can’t open my clasp
I can’t commit them to His tempest
Can’t lose this tug of war with time’s grasp
They were my last and ultimate
No more dreams shall birth now
They were so beautiful, so immaculate
They had so much to give and grow
The mind’s distraught with sorrow
But the heart’s numb with disbelief
Hoping to wake on the morrow
And find that they’re just asleep
This last hope still stays
As a grim reminder of the past
The last lesson on life’s ways
Colours for my wreck’s mast
 – Raziel (c) 2014


I was happy
I was fine
You gave me a friend
Unconditionally mine
God you’re so kind

My friend left one day
Never came back
You gave me hope
When it I lacked
God you’re my strength

I had a dream
You gave it shape
Egged me on
Put it within reach
God you’re my inspiration

The dream crumbled
When I reached out
I felt lost
Filled with self doubt
God you’re my shepherd

One by one I lost it all
What I liked, what I loved
I waited and waited for so long
For a whiff of the divine
God where are you?

Time and again
A glimmer of hope
A beacon of light
Would come and go
God are you there?

Now each time
That joy comes my way
I look at it askance
It might not last, but it may
God give me some answers

But the joys never last
They always leave, break my will,
With each test
They stab my soul
God please no more tests

But now I know
The flaw’s in me
My greatest sin
Was to believe
There is no He, just me

– Raziel (c)2014

O Death

O death do be merciful
We go back a long way
You’ve killed all my dreams
I’ve never had a say

Grant me a voice this once
Let me ask of you
Show a little compassion
Do unto me what you do

Take away my pain
That is my only wish
Save me from life’s fate
Grant me eternal bliss

I’ve looked on helpless
As you snatched each joy
So you’ll pardon the disbelief
If you claim you’re coy

I truly am tired
I’ve nothing more to give
Trust me I’m spent
You’ve only my soul to thieve

I know it’s not pure
And I’ve sullied it much
Do consider it’s all i have
And value it as such

– Raziel (c)2014