I was happy
I was fine
You gave me a friend
Unconditionally mine
God you’re so kind

My friend left one day
Never came back
You gave me hope
When it I lacked
God you’re my strength

I had a dream
You gave it shape
Egged me on
Put it within reach
God you’re my inspiration

The dream crumbled
When I reached out
I felt lost
Filled with self doubt
God you’re my shepherd

One by one I lost it all
What I liked, what I loved
I waited and waited for so long
For a whiff of the divine
God where are you?

Time and again
A glimmer of hope
A beacon of light
Would come and go
God are you there?

Now each time
That joy comes my way
I look at it askance
It might not last, but it may
God give me some answers

But the joys never last
They always leave, break my will,
With each test
They stab my soul
God please no more tests

But now I know
The flaw’s in me
My greatest sin
Was to believe
There is no He, just me

– Raziel (c)2014


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