I carefully dress my dreams
In the finest wooden overcoat
Life comes apart at the seams
As I sink with my little boat
I’ve tried to forget and let go
As I’ve been oft told
Tried to drift them in time’s flow
Sink them to the depths cold
But they’re my dearest and fondest
I can’t, I can’t open my clasp
I can’t commit them to His tempest
Can’t lose this tug of war with time’s grasp
They were my last and ultimate
No more dreams shall birth now
They were so beautiful, so immaculate
They had so much to give and grow
The mind’s distraught with sorrow
But the heart’s numb with disbelief
Hoping to wake on the morrow
And find that they’re just asleep
This last hope still stays
As a grim reminder of the past
The last lesson on life’s ways
Colours for my wreck’s mast
 – Raziel (c) 2014

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