Neither kith nor kin, not ties of blood
Nor bonds of friendship, to stem the flood

Alone I’ve stood, for far too long
Yet I keep humming, the same old song

Hoping to hear, just one other voice
To sing along, by their own choice

Foolish is he, who puts faith here
Each for themselves, should now be clear

Some have tried, none have stayed
I’ve always lost, to other things when weighed

There is nothing left, to tie me down
My dreams are ash, hope has drowned

Only two ways, for this to end
Either I live for Me, or Me I’ll rend


– Raziel ©2014



The storm is calm
And beautiful
Tumbling, turning, tossing and tussling
Like a frozen lake
Like a violent sunrise
So beautiful, so graceful
I’m torn to shreds
I’ve tasted life’s elixir
I laugh with sorrow
I cry with joy
All my rage, all my anger
Is no more mine
I’m closer to me again
I’m stone, I’m numb
I’m the most alive, I’ve ever been
I’m lost and I’m aware
I’m fearful of life without a care
Tumbling, turning, tossing and tussling
Like a frozen lake
Like a violent sunrise
This calm storm is so beautiful

– Raziel

Percolation of Dreams II

Up and down the same roads
Carrying the same loads
Senses yearning for something new
But of those there are but few

I scream silently for help
As I caress each weathered welt
Each has a story to tell
Tales the night-air knows well

Chains of blood tie me down
Make fences all around
And I sing songs not my own
Tend to dreams I’d never sown

Now time for the new is past
Gone the way of dreams last
Time has now come to accept
No more tears to be wept

Time to cast aside the dreams of me
And dream through those to be
And in the name of blood’s love
My dreams shall fit them like a glove


– Raziel ©2013

This poem follows a theme from an earlier poem called Percolation Of Dreams.