So pointless this heart
So useless it’s art
Beating ceaselessly for another
Eats itself up forever

Always hurting
It never learns
Ever beating
Never stops its yearn

His cruelest gift, this heart
Forever breaking apart
Bleeds eternal for love
Then bleeds eternally in love


– Raziel ©2014



You’re made of gold,
I’m made of brass,
And I’ll never shine,
Never shine, like you

So don’t try, don’t even try,
Cos I’ll never be worthy of you,
I’ll always pale, always fail,
When it comes, to you

You’re my life, you’re my all,
Don’t come near, don’t fall,
This isn’t me, isn’t meant to be,
I’m just a shadow, don’t you see

I’ll be gone, with the light,
Won’t even put up a fight,
I’m just a whisper, just a breath,
I could never be your song

Cos you’re made of gold,
I’m made of brass,
And I’ll never shine,
Never shine, like you


– Raziel ©2014

Lost II

I can’t reach out and touch you,
But, I can’t help wanting to,

I wanna know you better than you,
But, that’s now for someone else to,

I guess I’ve to move on from you,
But, wish I didn’t have to,

There are things unsaid, simmering,
And, that’s how they will stay now,

For some things should stay lost,
Between the shadow and the dark…


– Raziel ©2014

This poem is based on another by the same name. Although, the first Lost was about restrictions this one is more about


How ironic,
The one thing I can’t tell
Is the one I wish to yell
From the roof tops

How ironic,
The words I wish to hear
Are the ones that are spoken
To another

How ironic,
The reason I could smile
Is the reason I’m laughing
While I drown

How ironic,
The smile I wished to bring
Has finally come
For another

How ironic,
The eyes I wished to see
I can now see
Loving another

– Raziel