Life doesn’t turn out, the way you want
Life takes a path, you don’t wanna go down
Love doesn’t come your way
You love someone, but it all goes to waste
It’s tough to stay just the same
The pain makes you change
People come uninvited into your life
People leave before their time
It rains on a sunny day
You pray that you last the day
You try hard but nothing goes your way
You try to wait out the night, but the sun never shines
A song is all you have
You sing it alone, while the world passes you by

– Raziel ©2014


The life I seek is elusive
The one I lead, illusive
Smiles are far and few
Hours go by at the pew
Waiting, praying, hoping
While within I’m slowly wilting
Each day my dreams crumble
Time hasn’t an apology to mumble
Without care it ticks on
Marching like the war’s won
A voice tells me there’s time
But it’s not the heart, just wine

What’s gone, is gone, is gone
In the end we all walk alone
Sure, there are smiles along the way
Some kind words to hear and say
A few hands to hold
Even love, if you’re that bold
But it all ends in the end
We all have broken hearts to mend
But a few, a few escape this fate
Some early, some late
It’s a gift only a few get
If only we could all be so fortunate…

Sticks and stones

Sticks and stones
May break my bones, But
Words are what’ll kill me

Like dagger to flesh
Slicing clean, They
Pierce me through and through

Lies and deceit
From those held close
Slowly bleed my love

And broken promises
And empty words
Turn my heart cold

But worst of all
Is silence, For
That kills my very soul


– Raziel ©2014