They said…

When I was a child
Of only five still
They said, “Don’t cry,
Aren’t you a big boy?”

When I became a boy
Of about eight or ten,
They said, “Don’t cry,
You’re not a child anymore”

When I was a teenager
I must have been fifteen
They said, “Don’t cry,
Why, you’re almost a man”

When I became an adult,
The law said I could drink and vote,
They said, “Don’t cry,
It’s time you grew up”

When I got married,
And started a family,
They said, “Don’t cry,
You now have responsibilities”

When I was heartbroken,
As my family slowly shrunk,
They said, “Don’t cry,
They’re in a better place now”

When I was alone,
With neither joy nor hope,
They said, “Don’t cry,
Just give it time”

When I finally lay down,
And they all gathered around,
They said, “Don’t cry”,
As they cried their hearts out

– Raziel ©2014


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