I’ve been searching all my life,
For the words I would say
To her, when when I meet her,
On one fateful day

That day has come and gone,
But I never knew
That the words that I sought,
Were meant to be for you

I still search for the words,
That I should have said
Though it would be rather moot,
For, as always, speechless I’d have stood

– Raziel



How do you let go
When they were never yours
How do you tell your heart
That it’s okay to part
What are the words I’d say
To tell myself that it’s okay
When even I don’t believe
That I’ll ever be the same again

– Raziel

Moving on

Every time I fall
It’s time to move on
With the first sign of a smile
What I love is gone

The only time I get
I spend in doubt
Wondering if to believe and truly love
Or wait for the other shoe to drop

Change is the only constant. The only thing you can bet on. Good to bad, bad to good, good to better, or bad to worse. Or is time the enemy? If time were frozen, what we have would always be ours. Infinite moments at a cafe, infinite laughter, infinite joy. You could say memories are those frozen pockets of time that you seek. Where the perfection is forever. And they are yours to cherish forever. They just, aren’t real that’s all.
The mind is forever in the present. The heart sadly, is in the past present and future at the same time. And the heart is a trickster. Willing the mind to spend countless little moments thinking of ‘what ifs’ and ‘if onlys’. The mind is best suited to ‘what is’. What-if and if-only are infinite loops which trap the mind. Keep it from processing reality. But then, processing reality is often painful for the heart. So is the heart really a bad guy for wanting to avoid pain? Trying to somehow avoid hurt is the most instinctual of reflexes.
What the heart fails to realise though, is that the past it seeks, and the false future it tries to live in, both end up hurting more than the reality it’s trying to deny. Move on… Move on…

– Raziel ©2014