The New Year Amplification

The Big Bang Theory-ish title aside, the new year amplification is something I’ve noticed for as long as I can remember. Every new year’s eve, the strongest emotion or the strongest wish on your mind gets amplified. If you’re hopeful you become optimistic, new beginnings are sweeter, sorrow turns into misery, fear becomes morbid fear. Somehow, a new year isn’t just another day or week or month like the ones you’ve faced till then. It’s a great big chunk of 365 days, 52 weeks, 12 months. Either it’s all good or all bad. Has anyone else experienced this?


Ever After

Happily is gone
All I have is ever after
Still listen to those songs
When I miss your laughter

Good things never last
Turn to dust and join the past
So I hold the memories close
Remember the highs to live through the lows

The hollow in me
The one that no one could see
The hollow in me
The one you filled perfectly
The hollow in me
Is now clear for them all to see

The smallest of things echo
In the emptiness
As the memories flood-in
And fill the nothingness

But life, it goes on
As it does so well
Only the heart mourns
For it hears the knell

Ever after has begun
A phoenix of its own end
With a broken promise
Only it could have mend

– Raziel