Code of Honour

Oh, how the rules have changed
How little consideration’s worth
The more you let them in
The more you are pushed out

No meeting half way
No respect for the fellow
Take what you can, when you can
But give not an inch, an ounce

All, crouched and ready
Give them a chance to shine
Lies and deceit, like duck to water
It’s all fine, if you’ll end up farther
Like art – delicate, fine, precise
Even beautiful to some eyes

Learn it; live, eat and breathe it
Or perish…
For honour only feeds the soul
The flesh needs more

– Raziel ©2015


Tilting at Windmills

I take all my wrongs, my mistakes
And, throw them at the wall
See which stick, and which fall
Tilting at windmills is so easy

All my anger, my bitterness
I hoard and nurture inside
Let my own failures slide
Tilting at windmills is so easy

All the shards, of my broken dreams
I place on another’s shoulder
For I’m not a tree, just a creeper
Tilting at windmills is so easy

– Raziel ©2015