So much I’ve forgotten
So much of who I was
And who I wanted to be
All that’s left is here and now

So much I’ve forgotten
So much of life I’ve lost
All I can claim is a pulse
A background score to existing

So much I’ve forgotten
So much has withered away
Living in a shell of broken selves
A living shell of who I was

So much I’ve forgotten
So much I’ve tried to
To erase and start over
Hoping there’s something left to

So much I’ve forgotten
So much, so much, so much…

– Raziel ©2015



My home lies within me
The only place that’s warm
Welcomes me, silently
My island of peace
While everything else crumbles
Or is pummeled into dust

My home lies within me
The only place that listens
Hears, supports, cheers
My private concert hall
My own space in the universe
Unequivocally my very own

My home lies within me
Unwavering by my side it stays
Where I shed the masks
And let myself be
It’s a lonely place my home
But there is where I’ll be

– Raziel ©2015


There is more malevolent violence
In the unspoken, the silence
Than can ever be mustered in action

There is purer selfish greed
In the twinge of posessive love
Than can ever be expressed in baubles

There is greater guttural pride
In tears, at a child’s first words
Than can ever come from titles

There is more gluttonous hunger
In a child’s play for attention
Than can ever be picked off a plate

There is more passionate lust
In a kid’s eyes at a toy store
Than can ever consume a man

There is more paralysing sloth
In between a lover’s arms
Than can ever be accused of the lazy

There is more green envy
In an orphan’s lonely heart
Than can ever be exist for the material

– Raziel ©2015


How do people forget the past
How do they move past the pain
I’ve been chained to this wreck’s mast
And all I’ve tried has been in vain

Stretched the chains as far as they’ll go
Let them cut into me even more
Yet for the effort I’ve nothing to show
Except that the bleeding’s worse than before

The longer I fail, the darker it gets
Crashing waters bare their white fangs
The more I fail, the darker I get
Battered hopes bare their bloody hands

This wreck’s all that’s left of me
A temporary island, with a broken mast
I’m a solitary soul in the watery melee
Chained to my dream till the very last

– Raziel ©2015