Words I left unsaid
Scream out within me
Claw through my walls
Bleed into my dreams
Sometimes I think,
Ill speak once I’m stronger
But the more I wait
The more I weaken
And the walls crumble,
Turn to dust
And in the dust grow thorns
Thicker than the walls
And the words die slowly
And scream no more

– Raziel ©2015



So tired I’ve grown, so weary
Only age have I earned in life
Youth, in abandon I spent
By future’s promise, fooled

Future sped past, and past became
No bouquets, no laurels it brought
No apologies, nor wisdom,
Not even a kind word it spoke

The soul aged, and aged, waiting
It’s vigor, and vibrance, time took
But the dreams, oh the dreams they stayed
And turned into this crutch of thorns

– Raziel ©2015


I laugh with all my heart
Cause I deem it right
I laugh at your funny stories
Cause I think it’s polite
I laugh at small silly things
Cause that’s what you do
I laugh like everything’s fine
Cause I choose to show you so

But when the day is all over
And the curtain falls
I find a lonely dark corner
In my ramshackle world
And I look at my reflection
And I laugh at myself
Cause if not for that
What’s there to laugh about?

– Raziel ©2015