By its very nature,
Demands sacrifice

The afflicted are wont to lose themselves;
The fortunate, to its ecstasy,
The damned, to its isolation

If not for the beauty in either end
Love should have long been spent


– Raziel ©2015



There were once people
To whom I gave my all
Fooled by their lies
I gave them my heart
They kept what they liked
And away, threw the rest
So I took it back
Placed it deeper in my chest

Then I dreamt of a life
As charmed as I could
Full of real friends, and joy
And put my heart into it
But the dream withered
As did my heart
What was left, I gathered
And locked it inside

Then came a girl
Like sunbeam through clouds
Stole what little heart
That still I had left
Like spring she nurtured
And bloomed, the little shard
And all its lost pieces
Were back, like at the start

– Raziel ©2015