We live and we die
Everyday, all the while
And everything we do
Or did, and will
Has to match up in the end
Measure up at the till

What is more, can be less
And so can less be more
What we see, what they see
It all comes to the fore

You can contend
Or be content
Play pretend
Suppress, or vent
Escape is a luxury
No one has, in the end

The yardstick gets us all
We all kneel at its altar
Everone heeds the call
Whether king or pauper

– Raziel ©2016


Meant to be…

Meant to be is but a phrase
Life is a wintery morning haze
A glimpse of a promise is all you see
Just as the fog rolls in, always off-key

– Raziel ©2016


Deeper and deeper
Down the spiral I climb
Hoping to find a way to the top

I’ve only ever sown regret
Yet in disbelief and shock
I reap misery as my crop

– Raziel ©2016