No Facade

At the end of the day, as I stare into space,
I finally let down my guard,
Bring down the walls, naked I stand,
No facades

It is only me,
And the void that reaches out,
It consumes me and in return I , it
No facades

Till the night allows, we stay as one
Sorrow, and misery, and tears, and the dark
Till the first bird song, till first light
No facades…

– Raziel ©2016

via Daily Prompt: Facade


A Funeral

Many came,
Many more sent condolences,
“He’d have been happy”, they said,
And consoled themselves

Many spoke in platitudes,
Many more rationalized,
“At least the suffering ended”, they said,
And consoled themselves

Sons and daughters,
Their children and friends,
Brothers and sisters,
Their families as well
If not for a funeral,
A celebration it’d have been,
Then again, perhaps it was,
Of his life’s work and kin

  – Raziel ©2016


The heart pulls me to the sea,
To the open, the vast, the free,
Tells me to reach out and grab this opportunity
To leave behind the shadows,
To be selfish and impulsive

I can’t move,
In a million questions I tie myself
What is it that I fear?
What could be more clear?
My wish has been granted,
Isn’t this what I wanted?

But no,
I can’t shake this shadow,
It has me,
It has me,
Deep within its maze of darkness,
Where the loudest scream comes out as silence,
I fidget with the key to my cage,
Too afraid to find out,
What new horror might befall,
Should I ever try to step out


– ©Raziel 2016
Via: Dilemma