If memory serves right, I’ll hate for all time
If memory serves right, I’ll have misery for life
If memory serves right, I’ll hurt every moment
If memory serves right, I’ll be trapped by the past

As infinite moments clamour for attention,
Why do I stay ensnared by this one?
Is it choice, or insanity,
Is it penance, or depravity?

On the shores of time’s infinite,
Where others stand in awe,
I kneel in humble obeisance,
And let my memory gnaw…

– Raziel ©2017

via Daily Prompt: Infinite


Yesterdays once more

Yesterday was made of dreams
The kind that through darkness gleams
We spent it in abandon, so utopic
In silence, conversation, and hysteric
Like this was what it had all been for
Why we cried, hurt, bled, and more
We were unbelieving that tomorrow will come
Like disbelief would stop its run
So naive, we thought this moment won’t end
Like some holy hand had this blessing sent
We laughed, we spoke, of things from yore
And the night became etched in lore
But happiness, like it’s wont to do
Shrunk the days into hours into memories few
We all got up to go our separate ways
Subdued goodbyes and promises made
To meet again plans are hatched
Assurances are with sureties matched
Like tomorrow wouldn’t be the end of days
Like our eyes were meant to see a hundred Mays
The same scene from years ago
Yet once again it’s hope we sow

 – Raziel ©2017