The elixir splashes as I dance,
Spilling, dribbling​, trickling forth
Each sip brings heightened joy
Like a mirthful buoy in stormy froth

The music grows, and grows into noise
An ocean of sound that drowns all voice
Lesser and lesser of my demons I hear
Even lesser their words I fear

Hearth’s warmth with each sip stirs
The same safety, same peace within
But as higher and higher the mind soars
The veneer of bliss does wear thin

Till one final sip slices through
Like Icarus, my fall was ought to
Each demon returns, louder still
Each fear amplified as if by will

– Raziel ©2017

via Daily Prompt: Elixir



The heart wants what it wants
Peering across the sands of time it stands
Waiting, yearning, for what it lost
Hoping to reunite at long last
But reality’s quagmire conspires
To swallow the heart and what it aspires
Wisdom tries to ease the wait
Says, be assured it’s sweet, which is late
But who’s to quell the heart’s thirst?
Tell it that patience comes first?
When every moment is eternity, each one an age
Of what use is wisdom, what good a sage?
When words yield neither warmth nor shade
What else but doubt is left to abate

 – Raziel ©2017