Let go…

Lay down, and look up,
Look at the sun, and the stars
They shine for you too, love

Smell the flowers, the petrichor,
That’s what they’re for, love

Have faith in time, it’s impermanence,
Nothing shall last, not even sorrow, love

Let it be,
Not everything is for you to fix
Some things are meant to break, love

Know that it is a choice,
Not an outcome of life, love

Give up, give it up
You don’t have to be so strong
Not all along, love

Let go,
Let go,
Let it go love…

– Raziel ©2017


A Trace Of A Child

Look! Look! I see a tree!
Laden with fruit so ripe
With low boughs, heavy
Let’s climb, you and me!

What tree?…. Oh!
So what is it to me?
You’re being silly
There’s so much work, see?

Oh but look, just look at it!
Even the wind is tempted
Look as it sways the branch
Look how it’s excited

It’s a tree, there’s fruit,
What’s so grand in that?
I’ll buy some later
This report just has to go out

The tree blossoms but once a year
Reports will go out all year
Come! Come with me!
Let’s climb it, you and me!

You’re a child yet,
What would you know?
Of how pressing this job is,
You’ve nary a clue

You’re me, I’m you
I’m the child still within
What I want, you do
Come let’s climb, me and you…

 – Raziel ©2017

In response to The Daily Post – Trace #inspiration-2 #post-ideas