He swiped his card and walked through the flap barrier. The weight of his bag slung sloppily on his shoulder felt heavier than usual. He was tired, and he knew what it was that was weighing on his mind.
He looked left and saw familiar faces seated in the lobby, chatting animatedly. He reached the sliding glass doors, they’d begun to just open sensing his presence.
He reached out to the glass, lightly knocking on them with his knuckles. The glass thrummed as his knock spread. He hit it again, carelessly, a bit harder. The glass vibrated a little more, soundlessly.
He hit it harder, this time with a knuckled fist. The glass reverberated audibly, but no one cared. A smile broke out of the corner of his mouth, he hit harder, still loosely. The glass shuddered, this time audibly.
He caught his own reflection in the glass, the smile grew to a grin. He hit harder, coercing the glass to laugh harder.
The guard at the reception desk looked up, uninterested. He hit again, his arm flexed firmly. The glass and it’s adjacent pane now shuddered.
“Sir..”, the guard called out, a bit annoyed he had to get up, a bit confused at this.
He hit again harder, keeping his fist planted on the pane, feeling the vibrations.
“Sir!…” Again the guard called out, walking up to him.
He could see the grin, in the reflection. It seemed almost obscenely at the edge of laughter. And in the background he could see the guard walking up and the whole lobby looking toward him. He couldn’t read their faces, he supposed they were all painted surprised.
“TTOCKK!” Another jab, the sliding glass panel helplessly flailed as the back panel shuddered violently.
“Aye!! What are you doing!!” And edgy voice shouted out to him. He heard the guard’s footsteps breakout into a jog. He was close.
He looked at himself again, the grinning face, staring back at him through the glass. He swung back, winding up his torso, shifting his weight to throw his punch.
The guard broke into a run
Like a spring let loose, the fist hurtled toward the glass, toward the smiling face in the glass, although it wasn’t just smiling anymore, there were tears running down.
The fist landed with all the strength he could muster. Going up against all the stoic transparence of the glass.
A loud crack resounded in the lobby as the face in the glass pane covered itself in lines and broke, and fell.
The guard put an arm around his neck and pulled him backward, he almost resisted the pull, then accepted it.
The guard slammed him into the ground with a violence that belied the fact that the building wasn’t his, the glass wasn’t his. Perhaps it was the love of his job, his passion for protecting his domain from harm.
The guard shouted into his face. He couldn’t make out what was being said. The guard was blurry, and he was smiling.
He heard the familiar voices of the familiar faces near him. He couldn’t tell what they were saying either. He didn’t care, he was free.
He had punished the guy who had done this to him, ruined him. He had seen the smiling face of that vile excuse of a person being broken into a hundred pieces. He felt the pieces on his back, piercing into him. He didn’t care, he was free.

– Raziel ©2017


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