The elixir splashes as I dance,
Spilling, dribbling​, trickling forth
Each sip brings heightened joy
Like a mirthful buoy in stormy froth

The music grows, and grows into noise
An ocean of sound that drowns all voice
Lesser and lesser of my demons I hear
Even lesser their words I fear

Hearth’s warmth with each sip stirs
The same safety, same peace within
But as higher and higher the mind soars
The veneer of bliss does wear thin

Till one final sip slices through
Like Icarus, my fall was ought to
Each demon returns, louder still
Each fear amplified as if by will

– Raziel ©2017

via Daily Prompt: Elixir


The heart wants what it wants
Peering across the sands of time it stands
Waiting, yearning, for what it lost
Hoping to reunite at long last
But reality’s quagmire conspires
To swallow the heart and what it aspires
Wisdom tries to ease the wait
Says, be assured it’s sweet, which is late
But who’s to quell the heart’s thirst?
Tell it that patience comes first?
When every moment is eternity, each one an age
Of what use is wisdom, what good a sage?
When words yield neither warmth nor shade
What else but doubt is left to abate

 – Raziel ©2017

Don’t Resist

Smile, they are watching
Lest they see weakness or sorrow
Smile, they are watching
Lest they make it about themselves
Smile, they are watching
Lest you blemish their joy
Smile, they are watching
Smile, they are watching…

Obey, they have spoken
Who are you to know better?
Obey, they have spoken
Who do you value more?
Obey, they have spoken
Who else do you owe more?
Obey, they have spoken
Obey, they have spoken…

Follow the world, but be unique
Bring them glory, which they seek
They wish you success, at all you do
As long as it’s what they want of you
There is time yet for you to be you
For now, you are them, and they you…


– Raziel ©2017

via Daily Prompt: Resist


If memory serves right, I’ll hate for all time
If memory serves right, I’ll have misery for life
If memory serves right, I’ll hurt every moment
If memory serves right, I’ll be trapped by the past

As infinite moments clamour for attention,
Why do I stay ensnared by this one?
Is it choice, or insanity,
Is it penance, or depravity?

On the shores of time’s infinite,
Where others stand in awe,
I kneel in humble obeisance,
And let my memory gnaw…

– Raziel ©2017

via Daily Prompt: Infinite

Yesterdays once more

Yesterday was made of dreams
The kind that through darkness gleams
We spent it in abandon, so utopic
In silence, conversation, and hysteric
Like this was what it had all been for
Why we cried, hurt, bled, and more
We were unbelieving that tomorrow will come
Like disbelief would stop its run
So naive, we thought this moment won’t end
Like some holy hand had this blessing sent
We laughed, we spoke, of things from yore
And the night became etched in lore
But happiness, like it’s wont to do
Shrunk the days into hours into memories few
We all got up to go our separate ways
Subdued goodbyes and promises made
To meet again plans are hatched
Assurances are with sureties matched
Like tomorrow wouldn’t be the end of days
Like our eyes were meant to see a hundred Mays
The same scene from years ago
Yet once again it’s hope we sow

 – Raziel ©2017


As night descends
So does sadness
Like ritual to divine
From weary feet
To lumpy throat
The effect ascending like wine

What day holds together
Night rips apart
Each unyoked emotion
Exhibiting its art

A Promethean sentence
To memories resurrect
Account each failure
Each torment reflect

Tears well
As the last ramparts fall
White flags raised
The mind surrenders it all

 – Raziel ©2016


Talk to me I’m bored
Bored of this day to day
Bored of the things I must say
This mustn’t be life
It’s nothing like people say
Where is the love, the adventure,
Where is the misery, the elation,
Where are the ups and downs
The included smiles and frowns
Or have I turned numb?
Is it that the world has colours
But that my eyes see grey?
Is it that there is laughter
But that my ears can’t hear?
Is there both sorrow and joy
But that my heart won’t feel?
Is it that life isn’t so jaded
Just how it has turned me…?

 – Raziel ©2016

Carpe diem

In the end the reaper takes us all,
Sometimes in spring, sometimes the fall,
Then why should I cower in fear?
My hour might be far or almost here
I don’t have time to sit by idly
While the clock hands count down slowly
There is too much to do, too much to see
Life is ill spent languidly
So do it all, do it now
Future is what the present allows

– Raziel ©2016

No Facade

At the end of the day, as I stare into space,
I finally let down my guard,
Bring down the walls, naked I stand,
No facades

It is only me,
And the void that reaches out,
It consumes me and in return I , it
No facades

Till the night allows, we stay as one
Sorrow, and misery, and tears, and the dark
Till the first bird song, till first light
No facades…

– Raziel ©2016

via Daily Prompt: Facade

A Funeral

Many came,
Many more sent condolences,
“He’d have been happy”, they said,
And consoled themselves

Many spoke in platitudes,
Many more rationalized,
“At least the suffering ended”, they said,
And consoled themselves

Sons and daughters,
Their children and friends,
Brothers and sisters,
Their families as well
If not for a funeral,
A celebration it’d have been,
Then again, perhaps it was,
Of his life’s work and kin

  – Raziel ©2016