I  envy those with purpose
The direction they take for granted
While I float like driftwood
They vaunt achievements mounted

With every ripple I’m lost all over
Floundering at the deep end I stay
No Northstar, no compass
Just the waves tousling me every way

For a pull, oh, even a push would do
What I wouldn’t give for just half a clue

 – Raziel ©2017

In response to The Daily Post – Bumble


Let go…

Lay down, and look up,
Look at the sun, and the stars
They shine for you too love

Smell the flowers, the petrichor,
That’s what they’re for love

Have faith in time, it’s impermanence,
Nothing shall last, not even sorrow love

Let it be,
Not everything is for you to fix
Some things are meant to break love

Know that it is a choice,
Not an outcome of life love

Give up, give it up
You don’t have to be so strong
Not all along love

Let go,
Let go,
Let it go love…

 – Raziel ©2017

A Trace Of A Child

Look! Look! I see a tree!
Laden with fruit so ripe
With low boughs, heavy
Let’s climb, you and me!

What tree?…. Oh!
So what is it to me?
You’re being silly
There’s so much work, see?

Oh but look, just look at it!
Even the wind is tempted
Look as it sways the branch
Look how it’s excited

It’s a tree, there’s fruit,
What’s so grand in that?
I’ll buy some later
This report just has to go out

The tree blossoms but once a year
Reports will go out all year
Come! Come with me!
Let’s climb it, you and me!

You’re a child yet,
What would you know?
Of how pressing this job is,
You’ve nary a clue

You’re me, I’m you
I’m the child still within
What I want, you do
Come let’s climb, me and you…

 – Raziel ©2017

In response to The Daily Post – Trace #inspiration-2 #post-ideas

A Cold

​I’m catching my death of cold
To the flu my health’s been sold
All things considered and told
I do feel rather old

O where hath my youth gone
For its vigor, I’m forlorn
Now I ache, break, and moan
Who hath this blight sown

Oh for the carefree days of past
Where my youth I had seen last
I’d pawn or sell all I hast
For as an elder I’m miscast

– Raziel ©2017


In a moment
The sea erupts into tumultuous glory
In the next
It stretches out like a sheet of glass

Time’s sea splashes ‘n changes all the time
Searching for weakness, for a chink
Aboard a boat we all are
Us insecure, unsure, fearful masses

Without oar nor paddle we hold on
Without sail nor rudder we drift on

By happenstance we meet others like us,
Some unlike us
Staying together only till the next stray wave
Forever onward we must brave

 – Raziel ©2017

The Daily Post – Adrift



I do not care for all the bad words
The whispers and sniggers, barbs and swords
I smile and accept the limitations you perceive
They pass through unfettered, like water through sieve

But the sanity is a farce, a facade for you
Cause inside I am breaking apart, torn in two

I am untouched, unmaligned by your lies
What you think I am worth is only for your eyes
I am not by you, nor you by me
I’m not shackled by your views, I am free

But the sanity is a farce, a facade for you
Cause inside I am breaking apart, torn in two

 – Raziel ©2017

Via Daily Post – Farce #inspiration-2


Tomorrow is sure, tomorrow is true
Usurping todays without qualm nor rue

Refilling hope with every sunrise
Turning yesterdays into a word to the wise

Tomorrow is always the best of days
Letting me rethink my ways

New opportunity, new battle
Another chance to prove my mettle

Changing my truth, what I thought I knew
Letting me grow, recast anew

To build, destroy, and rebuild
To gather the courage that Today spilled

Tomorrow is sure, tomorrow is true
Usurping todays without qualm nor rue

– Raziel ©2017

Via Daily Prompt – Qualm


Sometimes you don’t realise what you had
Not for years after
Sometimes you want to run so far
Till the concept of you has faded
Sometimes you’d give anything to go back
To relive, to amend, to stay
Sometimes you’d give anything to jump to the end
To be rid of hope’s farce

Sometimes it’s the fights you didn’t pick that leave scars
Sometimes it’s the cure that kills you faster
Sometimes you get the mercy of a miracle
Sometimes the mercy is death

– Raziel ©2017


The elixir splashes as I dance,
Spilling, dribbling​, trickling forth
Each sip brings heightened joy
Like a mirthful buoy in stormy froth

The music grows, and grows into noise
An ocean of sound that drowns all voice
Lesser and lesser of my demons I hear
Even lesser their words I fear

Hearth’s warmth with each sip stirs
The same safety, same peace within
But as higher and higher the mind soars
The veneer of bliss does wear thin

Till one final sip slices through
Like Icarus, my fall was ought to
Each demon returns, louder still
Each fear amplified as if by will

– Raziel ©2017

via Daily Prompt: Elixir


The heart wants what it wants
Peering across the sands of time it stands
Waiting, yearning, for what it lost
Hoping to reunite at long last
But reality’s quagmire conspires
To swallow the heart and what it aspires
Wisdom tries to ease the wait
Says, be assured it’s sweet, which is late
But who’s to quell the heart’s thirst?
Tell it that patience comes first?
When every moment is eternity, each one an age
Of what use is wisdom, what good a sage?
When words yield neither warmth nor shade
What else but doubt is left to abate

 – Raziel ©2017