I’m not who I used to be
Not the person you once knew
The many things that made me, me
Have now turned into few

That which I loved before
I barely think of now
They’ve long passed into lore
Where the past is in stow

With each battle that I lose
I get more distant from myself
And less and less I fit my shoes
Get closer to an off the shelf

I’m every face, and none of them
I’m whoever they wish of me
I’ve lost my mooring, lost my keel
I’m driftwood out at sea

Every wave, and every ripple
Has a say in where I go
Pulled and pushed from every side
Till I know myself no more

– Raziel ©2018



I envy those with purpose
The direction they take for granted
While I float like driftwood
They vaunt achievements mounted

With every ripple I’m lost all over
Floundering at the deep end I stay
No Northstar, no compass
Just the waves tousling me every way

For a pull, oh, even a push would do
What I wouldn’t give for just half a clue

– Raziel ©2017

In response to The Daily Post – Bumble