The elixir splashes as I dance,
Spilling, dribbling​, trickling forth
Each sip brings heightened joy
Like a mirthful buoy in stormy froth

The music grows, and grows into noise
An ocean of sound that drowns all voice
Lesser and lesser of my demons I hear
Even lesser their words I fear

Hearth’s warmth with each sip stirs
The same safety, same peace within
But as higher and higher the mind soars
The veneer of bliss does wear thin

Till one final sip slices through
Like Icarus, my fall was ought to
Each demon returns, louder still
Each fear amplified as if by will

– Raziel ©2017

via Daily Prompt: Elixir



I’ve been searching all my life,
For the words I would say
To her, when when I meet her,
On one fateful day

That day has come and gone,
But I never knew
That the words that I sought,
Were meant to be for you

I still search for the words,
That I should have said
Though it would be rather moot,
For, as always, speechless I’d have stood

– Raziel


Being bored for work’s lack,
Shows a heart not keen to slack,
Harder it is for those who slave,
And yet are bored, who’ll them save?
 – Raziel ©2014


I wish I could,
Meld away,
Be it night or day,
Into a thicket of nothingness

I wish I could,
Hide the fears,
And pain my dears,
Within earth’s damp womb

I wish I could,
Soar up high,
Live without why
Float like a cloud with ease

I wish I could,
Stay alive,
Buzz like a hive,
In mirth, as I do in angst

I wish I could,
Do more,
Live more,
Of life

I wish I were, invisible

– Raziel ©2014

Sticks and stones

Sticks and stones
May break my bones, But
Words are what’ll kill me

Like dagger to flesh
Slicing clean, They
Pierce me through and through

Lies and deceit
From those held close
Slowly bleed my love

And broken promises
And empty words
Turn my heart cold

But worst of all
Is silence, For
That kills my very soul


– Raziel ©2014


If I could lay to rest
This beast clawing within
Fight off this goliath
If just for a moment, win
I’d be your knight
I’d be your jinn
Grant you your wishes
Indulge your every sin
So I fight every moment
Fight like peace were sin
Fight to hear your voice
Amidst battle’s din

– Raziel ©2014